The Airbyte Kafka source allows you to sync data from Kafka. Each Kafka topic is written to the corresponding stream.

Sync overview

Output schema

Each Kafka topic will be output into a stream.
Currently, this connector only reads data with JSON format. More formats (e.g. Apache Avro) will be supported in the future.


Full Refresh Sync
Incremental - Append Sync

Getting started


To use the Kafka source, you'll need:
    A Kafka cluster 1.0 or above.

Setup guide

Network Access

Make sure your Kafka brokers can be accessed by Airbyte.


Airbyte should be allowed to read messages from topics, and these topics should be created before reading from Kafka.

Target topics

You can determine the topics from which messages are read via the topic_pattern configuration parameter. Messages can be read from a hardcoded, pre-defined topic.
To read all messages from a single hardcoded topic, enter its name in the topic_pattern field e.g: setting topic_pattern to my-topic-name will read all messages from that topic.
You can determine the topic partitions from which messages are read via the topic_partitions configuration parameter.

Setup the Kafka destination in Airbyte

You should now have all the requirements needed to configure Kafka as a destination in the UI. You can configure the following parameters on the Kafka destination (though many of these are optional or have default values):
    Bootstrap servers
    Topic pattern
    Topic partition
    Test topic
    Group ID
    Max poll records
    SASL JAAS config
    SASL mechanism
    Client ID
    Enable auto commit
    Auto commit interval ms
    Client DNS lookup
    Retry backoff ms
    Request timeout ms
    Receive buffer bytes
    Repeated calls
More info about this can be found in the Kafka consumer configs documentation site.


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