High-level View

A high level view of Airbyte's components.
3.048-Kilometer view
  • UI: Acts as the control center for Airbyte. From the UI, you can configure new integration connections. You can also track the different syncing jobs and view logs.

  • Config Store: Stores all the connections information (credentials, frequency...).

  • Scheduler Store: Stores statuses and job information for the scheduler bookkeeping.

  • Config API: Allows the UI to read and update connection information.

  • Scheduler API: Allows the UI to read and control jobs (schema discovery, connection testing, logs...).

  • Scheduler: The scheduler orchestrates all the data syncing from the source connector to the destination one. It is responsible for tracking success/failure and for triggering syncs based on the configured frequency.

  • Worker: The worker connects to the source system, pulls the data and writes it to the destination system.

  • Temporary Storage: A storage that workers can use whenever they need to spill data on a disk.