The Airbyte MeilSearch destination allows you to sync data to MeiliSearch. MeiliSearch is a search engine that makes it easy for a non-developer to search through data. It does not require any SQL.

Sync overview

Output schema

Each stream will be output into its own index in MeiliSearch. Each table will be named after the stream with all non-alpha numeric characters removed. Each table will contain one column per top-levelfield in a stream. In addition, it will contain a table called _ab_pk. This column is used internally by Airbyte to prevent records from getting overwritten and can be ignored.





Full Refresh Sync



Incremental - Append Sync



Incremental - Deduped History


As this connector does not support dbt, we don't support this sync mode on this destination.




Getting started


To use the MeiliSearch destination, you'll need an existing MeiliSearch instance. You can learn about how to create one in the MeiliSearch docs.

Setup guide

The setup only requires two fields. First is the host which is the address at which MeiliSearch can be reached. If running on a localhost by default it will be on http://localhost:7700. Note that you must include the protocol. The second piece of information is the API key. If no API key is set for your MeiliSearch instance, then this field can be left blank. If it is set, you can find the value for your API by following these instructions. in the MeiliSearch docs.