Business Model

Our business model is open core. We will have a community edition that will stay in MIT license, and a source-available enterprise edition.

Note that the open-source codebase will never contain arbitrary limits (e.g., event volumes, user numbers).

Community edition

Our philosophy is that every feature that serves the individual contributor should be in the community edition. Our goal is to make all the integration pipelines open-sourced with the MIT license. These pipelines should become a commodity for any engineering team, and we want to accelerate this trend.

In addition to the integration pipelines, the community edition will include orchestrating and scheduling data pipelines.

To achieve our vision that data integration pipelines should be a commodity, we want to create the OSS standard for our industry to leverage. An enterprise edition of our product cannot succeed without the success of the community edition. So, for now, we’re focusing 100% of our time on the community edition, and will continue to do so for quite a while.

Enterprise edition

At some point, when we feel that Airbyte has become the open-source standard to move data, we will start focusing on features that will make more sense to enterprises. These features will stay source-available but will be sold and not open-sourced.

The enterprise edition is essential for us, as we will need the revenues to grow our team. A larger team will help us build more features and, eventually, a better product.

Some features that we’re considering for the enterprise edition:

  • Data quality protocols

  • Privacy compliance with GDPR, CCPA, etc.

  • Role and access management

  • Single-Sign On

  • Hosting management

This is just a snapshot about our current state of mind. We will learn a lot along the way and our vision of the enterprise edition will surely evolve. And please don’t hesitate to share about your companies’ pain points that we can help solve.