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Note: Airbyte is not built on top of Singer, but is compatible with Singer's protocol. Airbyte's ambitions go beyond what Singer enables to do, so we are building our own protocol that will keep its compatibility with Singer's one.

Currently under construction

New sources: Hive, MongoDB, Mailgun New destinations: Panoply, S3, MySQL, Kafka, MongoDB


  • New native Hubspot connector with schema folder populated

  • Facebook Marketing connector: add option to include deleted records


  • Bug fixes:

    • Google Analytics: add the ability to sync custom reports

    • Apple Appstore: bug fix to correctly run incremental syncs

    • Exchange rates: UI now correctly validates input date pattern

    • File Source: Support JSONL (newline-delimited JSON) format

    • Freshdesk: Enable controlling how many requests per minute the connector makes to avoid overclocking rate limits


  • 1 new destination connector: MeiliSearch

  • 2 new sources that support incremental append: Freshdesk and Sendgrid

  • Other fixes:

    • Thanks to @ns-admetrics for contributing an upgrade to the Shopify source connector which now provides the landing_site field containing UTM parameters in the Orders table.

    • Sendgrid source connector supports most available endpoints available in the API

    • Facebook Source connector now supports syncing Ad Insights data

    • Freshdesk source connector now supports syncing satisfaction ratings and conversations

    • Microsoft Teams source connector now gracefully handles rate limiting

    • Bug fix in Slack source where the last few records in a sync were sporadically dropped

    • Bug fix in Google Analytics source where the last few records in sync were sporadically dropped

    • In Redshift source, support non alpha-numeric table names

    • Bug fix in Github Source to fix instances where syncs didn’t always fail if there was an error while reading data from the API


  • Sources that we improved reliability for (and that became “certified”):

    • Certified sources: Files and Shopify

    • Enhanced continuous testing for Tempo and Looker sources

  • Other fixes / features:

    • Correctly handle boolean types in the File Source

    • Add docs for App Store source

    • Fix a bug in Snowflake destination where the connector didn’t check for all needed write permissions, causing some syncs to fail


  • Improved reliability with our best practices on : Google Sheets, Google Ads, Marketo, Tempo

  • Support incremental for Facebook and Google Ads

  • The Facebook connector now supports the FB marketing API v9


  • 1 new source: App Store (thanks to @Muriloo)

  • Fixes on connectors:

    • Bug fix writing boolean columns to Redshift

    • Bug fix where getting a connector’s input configuration hung indefinitely

    • Stripe connector now gracefully handles rate limiting from the Stripe API


  • 1 new source: Tempo (thanks to @thomasvl)

  • Incremental support for 3 new source connectors: Salesforce, Slack and Braintree

  • Fixes on connectors:

    • Fix a bug in MSSQL and Redshift source connectors where custom SQL types weren't being handled correctly.

    • Improvement of the Snowflake connector from @hudsondba (batch size and timeout sync)


  • Incremental support for 2 new source connectors: Mixpanel and Hubspot

  • Fixes on connectors:

    • Fixed a bug in the github connector where the connector didn’t verify the provided API token was granted the correct permissions

    • Fixed a bug in the Google sheets connector where rate limits were not always respected

    • Alpha version of Facebook marketing API v9. This connector is a native Airbyte connector (current is Singer based).


New sources: Plaid (contributed by tgiardina), Looker


New sources: Drift, Microsoft Teams


New sources: Intercom, Mixpanel, Jira Cloud, Zoom


New sources: Slack, Braintree, Zendesk Support


New sources: Redshift, Greenhouse New destination: Redshift


New sources: Freshdesk, Twilio


New source: Recurly


New source: Sendgrid


New source: Mailchimp


New source: MSSQL


New source: Shopify


New sources: Files (CSV, JSON, HTML...)


New sources: Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Marketo New destination: Snowflake


New sources: Salesforce, Google Analytics, Hubspot, GitHub, Google Sheets, Rest APIs, and MySQL


New destinations: we built our own connectors for BigQuery and Postgres, to ensure they are of the highest quality.


New sources: Stripe, Postgres New destinations: BigQuery, Postgres, local CSV