Senior Software Engineer

Join Airbyte's small, but growing, engineering team. We are backed by the world's top investors.

You will spend your time solving one of the most complex and unsolved problem with data: Access. We're on a mission to allow anyone to access data, wherever it is, and make it available into the system of their choice.

We are passionate about data, open source, our community and scale!

We love Java, Python, Node, K8s, Docker... but in the end, it doesn't matter: we just want to build the best product.

About you

  • Have attention to detail and bias for action.

  • Are a prolific communicator, and thrive in uncertainty.

  • Are passionate about data, big data, open source and... DATA.

  • Want to help & support users solve their problems.

  • Are looking to work in a fast-paced environment, solving fundamental industry problem.

  • Are comfortable working remotely.


  • 3+ years of backend engineering work experience.

  • Self-directed and work with minimal supervision.

  • Proficiency writing production-quality code, preferably in Java, Kotlin or Python.

  • Familiarity with scalability.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • You share our values


  • Experience with AWS / GCP / Azure.

  • Experience working with huge data sets.

  • Experience with open source development.


Wherever you want!


  • Flexible work environment as fully remote - we don’t look at when you log in, log out or how much time you work. We trust you, it’s the only way remote can actually work.

  • Unlimited vacation policy with mandatory minimum time off - so you can fit work around your life.

  • Co-working space stipend - we provide everyone with $200/month to use on a coworking space of their choice, if any.

  • Parental leave (for both parents, after one year spent with the company) - so those raising families can do so while still working for us.

  • Open book policy - we reimburse books that employees want to purchase for their professional and career development.

  • Continuous learning / training policy - we sponsor the conferences and training programs you feel would add to your development in the company.

  • Health insurance for those from countries that do not provide this freely. Through Savvy in the US, which means you can choose the insurance you want and will receive a stipend from the company.

  • 401k for the US employees.

  • Sponsored visas for those who need them

  • We'll give you a corporate card for expenses. Our philosophy is Freedom & Responsibiility. We trust you, just do what's best for the company.

This is how we think

We are an open company, we are opinionated and public about how we think!


Email us at [email protected] with a link to your LinkedIn / Resume / GitHub (optional).

Don't send a cover letter, your resume will speak for you!