Careers & Open Positions

Who we are

Airbyte is the upcoming open-source standard for EL(T). We enable data teams to replicate data from applications, APIs, and databases to data warehouses, lakes, and other destinations. We believe only an open-source approach can solve the problem of data integration, as it enables us to cover the long tail of integrations while enabling teams to adapt prebuilt connectors to their needs.

Airbyte is remote friendly, with most of the team still based in the Silicon Valley. We’re fully open as a company. Our company handbook, culture & values, strategy and roadmap are open to all.

We're backed by some of the world's top investors and believe in product-led growth, where we build something awesome and let our product bring the users, rather than an outbound sales engine with cold calls.

Our Culture

We believe that a company culture needs to be opinionated to be effective and attract the right people. It cannot be right for every person, or it would mean we don’t have a culture. And that’s perfectly fine. Culture is also a living creature that will grow and evolve with the team and company. It is something we deeply care about.

Here are the values we deeply believe in:

  • Transparency and Candor

    • For any collaboration to be fruitful, we need full transparency.

    • Any opinion or concern needs to be shared.

    • Bad news must travel faster than good news.

  • Humility and Maximizing Growth

    • We are a team in search of truth, not in search of winning points.

    • We prioritize progress over perfection. We are thankful towards errors of action, provided we learn and get better.

    • We should never pull rank.

  • Being Intentional & Owning the Outcome

    • We don’t take things for granted.

    • Having a task means you are responsible for anticipating and solving problems.

  • Trust & Caring

    • Constructive feedback should be on a one-on-one basis.

    • Assume positive intent.

    • Address behavior, not people.

    • Don't let others fail, if you can help. We succeed together.

Our Investors

We have raised $31M seed and Series-A round with Benchmark, Accel, YCombinator, 8VC, and a few leaders in the data industry (including the co-founder of Elastic, MongoDB, Segment, Liveramp, the former GM of Cloudera).

We have a lot of capital, but we're a lean, strong team - so you've got the opportunity to have a huge impact.

Our Recruiting Process

We will schedule one first call with our founders or team. It will focus on two key areas:

  • Ensuring you will be a great cultural fit

  • Aptitude for the role

If you succeed with the above, we may do a written interview. Here are several reasons why we're big fans of this kind of interview. The main argument is that it removes a lot of the bias people might have during live interviews. Plus, we mostly work asynchronously nowadays, don't we?

If the written interview is a success, we might set you up with one or 2 additional calls, to test how you actually think and work, but also so you meet the rest of the team.

Once all of this done, we will discuss the process internally and get back to you very fast (velocity is everything here)! So about 2-3 calls and one written interview, that's it!

  • Flexible work environment as fully remote - we don’t look at when you log in, log out or how much time you work. We trust you, it’s the only way remote can actually work.

  • Unlimited vacation policy with mandatory minimum time off - so you can fit work around your life.

  • Co-working space stipend - we provide everyone with $200/month to use on a coworking space of their choice, if any.

  • Parental leave (for both parents, after one year spent with the company) - so those raising families can do so while still working for us.

  • Open book policy - we reimburse books that employees want to purchase for their professional and career development.

  • Continuous learning / training policy - we sponsor the conferences and training programs you feel would add to your development in the company.

  • Health insurance for those from countries that do not provide this freely. Through Savvy in the US, which means you can choose the insurance you want and will receive a stipend from the company.

  • 401k for the US employees.

  • Sponsored visas for those who need them

  • We'll give you a corporate card for expenses. Our philosophy is Freedom & Responsibiility. We trust you, just do what's best for the company.